Thursday, November 7, 2013

IRONMAN Florida Race Report in pictures

The white sand and blue sky is always a breathtaking view.
Excited to swim in the ocean!
Pre race ride.
Two days before the race black clouds started to come...
We decided to swim anyways. The water was choppy but wasn't cold at all.
The day before the race the thunderstorm arrived. NO swim!
On race morning the weather was calm and not that chilly. Prepared everything in the transition area.
Warmed up properly with the rubber band. This is a MUST for me before every race.
Running into the second loop on the swim. The waves pretty much tore our group apart.

Lucy was waiting at the start of the bike to tell me the time differences. 

I was very determined rolling out on the bike course. Didn't expect to flat down in one and a half hour later.
After I fixed the first flat at around 45 miles with a pit foam I continued to ride but felt something was not 100%.  At around 80 miles the surface was very rough and I flatted again. This time I had no choice but to change the tubular. 

At half mile on the run course. I was very disappointed about the two flats. I lost approximately 2 x 8 min while I was trying to fix them. I started to run...

... but later I decided to save my legs for Ironman Arizona. It was disappointing that I had such a bad luck. I was well prepared and felt strong. I look forward to race in Arizona on November 17th.

After the race we enjoyed the beautiful view while I was recovering.
Thank you for all the support, and cheering, and thanks to all my sponsors for helping me racing and make my dream come true!

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